About Iron Compass

Our mission is to enable and enhance effective communication among businesses, organizations, and government agencies through the implementation of mapping technologies.

We solve the problems of having outdated, unusable, inaccessible, and/or missing information that is critical to the successful mission of emergency responders. We provide a software platform to store all necessary mapping and pre-incident planning information in a reliable, secured, and shareable digital framework. Our platform has been designed for use where it is needed most “in the trucks and on the scene”.

But the development of great software is only the beginning. Our customers can not rely on “global” mapping data providers whose update schedule is years instead of now. Our mapping database technicians work closely with local governments to make sure you have the most up to date data available. If necessary, we’ll even hit the streets to ensure data accuracy.

We are a mapping company first; skilled cartographers at heart, with a passion for all things spatial. We want our maps to not only be functional, but to be aesthetically pleasing as well. We strive for this because we know a good looking map is much easier to read and understand.

Iron Compass was founded in late 2001 by John Fix. The company was established to provide custom mapping services to a variety of markets. Shortly after starting Iron Compass, Mr. Fix’s passion to help emergency responders was realized through the development of On-Scene Xplorer. Today, both custom cartography and technology development drive the growth at Iron Compass.