Pre-Incident Planning

Facility Tours
If you simply do not have the time to tour through facilities and collect floor plans and pre-incident planning information we can do this for you. We start by developing a list of facilities to tour. Then we will contact each facility owner or manager to collect any floor plans that may exists and schedule a time to walk the facility. We also ask the facility owner/manager to fill out a simple form to collect as much information as possible before the tour. During the tour, we verify information collected ahead of time and collect the necessary pre-planning information. The information is then loaded into On-Scene Xplorer and delivered to you.

Conversion of Floor Plans
If you have received facility drawings on paper, or have drawn your own building maps we can convert the plans into clearly readable digital documents for use within On-Scene Xplorer. We can also translate a variety of digital files formats into Adobe Acrobat and add notes and bookmarks for easier viewing.

Update Pre-Plan Information
We can help you keep your pre-plans up to date. We take your pre-plan database and contact all facility managers either via phone or e-mail/web interface to verify exiting information and determine if changes have occurred at the facility. We can also conduct site tours to verify that the current information is correct and to determine if any changes have occurred.