OnScene Xplorer

OnScene Xplorer

OnScene Xplorer is the leading mapping and pre-incident planning software for emergency responders. The software is designed to be mobile and very easy to use!

OnScene Xplorer software provides critical information to emergency responders to quickly find dispatched locations and view pre-plans while en route. The easy to use interface helps crews find addresses, intersections, mile markers, apartment complexes, or places quickly. And, with OnScene Xplorer’s “Spell-right” technology you’ll enter the street name correctly the first time, every time. Plus, with Dispatch Monitor calls are automatically located for you.

Know What You’re Up Against

Fire Fighters, Police Officers, and EMS Technicians know what they are up against before arriving on scene. Concise mapping will display streets, buildings, fire hydrants, and more. When the sun goes down, use the “night-mode” to reduce the light coming off the computer screen in the vehicle. Find the best route to the call with OnScene Xplorer’s GPS (Global Position System) capabilities. Finding the closest fire hydrant at night or in poor weather is easy too.

Emergency crews know what to expect when they arrive on scene with a simple click on the map. Store comprehensive pre-incident planning data (designed using NFPA 1620) about all aspects of a facility for quick retrieval. “See” inside a building with easy to read floor plans, documents and pictures.


We Make Your Work Easier

Should the job description of an EMT include “GIS Mapping Database Technician”? We don’t think so, and neither do our professional GIS Technicians! We have skilled mapping database techs to take care of all the mapping database work for you. We gather available GIS (Geographic Information Systems) data for your installation. If the right data does not exists, we’ll built it for you.

But what about keeping the maps up to date? We do that for you too. We provide automatic mapping data updates to OnScene Xplorer customers. Simple huh?

We make the Maps Work for You

Do you get dispatched by municipality or fire district? We format the GIS data to work the way you work. When you find dispatched locations in OnScene Xplorer mapping software, the streets and locations are setup the way you are dispatched. Easily find “101 Main St, East Hempfield Township” instead of trying to figure out if that is in Landisville or Rohrerstown.