OSX Mobile Viewer for iPad

Note: the OSX MV has been submitted to the Apple App Store for review…

The OnScene Xplorer Mobile Viewer runs on iPads (finally!). The most excellent feature of the Mobile Viewer is that all of the mapping data is downloaded locally on the iPad. So you never need a cellular connection or use an expensive data plan to find where you are going. Therefore OnScene Xplorer Mobile Viewer is cheaper to use, and it provides so much more information, than “free” mapping apps like Google Maps. Huh, imagine that, cheaper and better than free maps!

Your pre-plans and fire hydrants on your iPad

So how do I enter my pre-plans and hydrants on the iPad and keep all of my units sync’d? It’s easy, you use our flag ship OnScene Xplorer product on your Windows desktop or laptop to enter and edit data. We find it’s so much easier than entering stuff like this on a tablet.

When you’re done editing your pre-plans or fire hydrants, just click the “Publish to Mobile Viewer” button and like magic, it’s easy for the Mobile Viewer.

But how does the base map get updated? Just like with the Windows application, we do that for you.

Navigation included

We have a little secret here…We have decided to use the open source mapping data OpenStreetMap for the routing data. We like OpenStreetMap because it’s crowd sourced, which means you can add features like long driveways in rural areas. Or add new streets as they are being built.

Dag, my tablet is so bright I can’t see at night!

Yes, this is a pretty common problem when using “free” apps for mapping on your iPad. They are not designed for the work you do. But the Mobile Viewer is designed for you! So the Mobile Viewer includes a night-mode so you won’t be blind when you arrive on-scene.

Of course, if you have any questions about OnScene Xplorer or the Mobile Viewer, please contact us.

See more at  the App Store (coming soon)