Iron Asset Tracking (AT)

Iron AT (Asset Tracker)

Do you want to track your assets?

Go beyond AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) to track all of your mobile assets without purchasing and installing a “black box”! Iron Asset Tracker is designed to track your assets: Vehicles, Watercraft, Aircraft, and even people! Simple to use web API provides for the communication of an asset’s position and status. Powerful administration let’s you control who sees what.

Track your police cruisers, track you water rescue boat, know where you ambulances are located, even track an undercover officer!

The ASP.NET web service platform is built with the powerful Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database engine. Iron AT software is ready to be deployed on your server or in the Cloud. Iron AT is integrated with OnScene Xplorer 3.0, but is flexible to be utilized by third party applications like CAD systems.

Open Iron AT Tracking Web App

Iron AT Product Lineup:

Iron AT Basic (shared)

Our lowest priced hosted plan is so simple to implement. We take care of all the admin and hosting for you. Per asset/viewer fees as low at $5/month. The plan may be used for assets and viewers in OnScene Xplorer or other third party solution. Servers are hosted in world class data centers with state-of-the-art security.

Iron AT Private Hosted

This is the same plan as the Basic (shared) plan with the exception that your hosted solution is on a dedicated private virtual server. Same great service but you are able to configure assets and viewers as needed.

Iron AT Enterprise (customer hosted)

We provide you with the ASP.NET web service code for Iron AT and assistance is setting up the web service on your compliant web server.

Iron AT Client Applications

Client applications as purpose built applications for a variety of devices (Windows PC, Android, Apple’s iOS) that allow the device to send its position to the Iron AT Server, or request a group of positions from the Iron AT Server to display on a map, or both.

  • OnScene Xplorer has the Iron AT Client for both Asset Tracking and Asset Viewer built-in.
  • Iron AT Viewer for Windows is a light-weight viewing application to keep tabs on your fleet (assets).
  • Iron AT Viewer for Android and iOS Tables (in the works).
  • Iron AT Asset Service for Windows is a Windows PC application that will send the asset’s location for the Iron AT Server. The application is installed and runs as a “service” to prevent users from shutting it down.