Dispatch Monitor

Dispatch Monitor for OnScene Xplorer

Allow emergency responders to receive, display, and automatically locate calls from within OnScene Xplorer. Dispatch Monitor is configurable to accommodate most dispatch systems on the market.
Many configurations often allow for accessing CAD data without integrating software with a PSAP. Here are a few configurations that have been implemented for OnScene Xplorer clients:

  • PSAP uses computer modem to connect to station computer and print a “rip-n-run” sheet. The Dispatch Monitor was configured to capture the information being sent to the printer. The data was processed and sent to OnScene Xplorer in the apparatus via wireless network.
  • Motorola dispatch system sends dispatch data to client software on mobile computers via cellular networks. Dispatch Monitor reads data from 3rd part client software and displays call data in OnScene Xplorer.
  • Dispatch Monitor checksĀ  for dispatches via a Web API provided by the PSAP. (we love this configuration!).
  • PSAP send dispatch information via a text page/email. Dispatch Monitor receives the email, processes the call data and displays the information in On-Scene Xplorer.

Dispatch Monitor with OnScene Xplorer

Dispatch Monitor call information is displayed right inside of OnScene Xplorer. With complete call data, the location can be displayed on the map by simply clicking the “Show on map” button.

During times of heavy call volume, the dispatches are stored in the queue. Check off the calls as they are closed to dismiss them. Or view all the calls within the last 24 hours that are opened or closed.

Dispatch Monitor saves time and eliminates mistakes. Contact us to learn more about integrating your dispatch information with OnScene Xplorer.

Dispatch Monitor is designed to be a secondary means of receiving dispatch information. Dispatch Monitor’s availability is dependent upon the accessibility of data from your dispatch center.